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- One to Five years old -

Bilingual Preschool Program at St. Mary's School

Preschool Corralito level

Corralito & Nido

8:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m.

Our one and two year olds are exposed to a rich learning environment loaded with significant experiences that will strengthen the Spanish language (native language) and develop essential abilities and skills.

Nursery level


8:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m.

Our three year olds are introduced to the English language.  Through basic commands and vocabulary our leaders begin to build an English foundation. Children develop important skills that support success through quality play activities offered by the program

Preeschool kindergarten level

Pre-kinder & Kindergarten

8:00 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

Our four and five year olds are completely immersed in the English language.  They begin to acquire skills for reading and writing. Though our program is very academically oriented, the class atmosphere is relaxed and free of preassure. 

- St. Mary's School bilingual preschool program -

We focus on the integral development of the child

St. Mary’s School provides an outstanding bilingual preschool program that focuses on the development of the whole child: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual. Our curriculum is designed to help each child develop a positive self-esteem and to establish a foundation of learning.

The main objective of St. Mary’s School’s bilingual preschool program is to enhance the children’s social skills and self-image. In order to be successful learners cooperation, turn-taking, and problem solving skills must be developed. In addition, it is important for children to feel confident in their ability to make choices, initiate learning encounters, ask questions, and use their own knowledge.

We believe that the early preschool years of a child’s development are crucial years in education that set the stage for long-term intellectual growth and educational curiosity. Throughout the day students are exposed to several activities that enhance and develop fine and gross motor skills, visual perception, and social skills.

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- Our Co-Curricular Activities-

Our activities and program are child-centered

Instruction provides activities that stimulate, challenge, and satisfy children’s abilities and interest. Activities and lessons are designed to ensure a child-centered and developmentally appropriate program. Although the curriculum is prepared by the teachers, it is responsive to the interests, needs, and developmental levels of the children. Topics and units are tailored to children’s interests and academic inquiries.

We recognize that children learn through play and meaningful experiences. Our classrooms are divided into learning centers where children are actively involved in learning. Therefore, structured activities are combined with free exploration and large and small group activities. These different activities will strive to foster learning experiences that expand children’s knowledge of the world and of themselves. Every child has the opportunity to enjoy success by actively participating in hands-on activities and by communicating in all ways. Students have multiple opportunities to explore and express themselves through music and art.

- At St. Mary's School we add value to education -

Co-curricular bilingual program for Preschool

Visual Arts

Creative Movement

Physical Education



Dramatic Play

- Admission process at St. Mary's School -

Learn about the admission process and requirements for Preschool

Dear Parents, welcome! Thank you for your interest in our institution for the education of your children. The following are the admissions procedures and requirements necessary to complete the admissions process at St. Mary’s School.

Upon inquiring about admissions to St. Mary’s School, families are scheduled for an appointment with our Director and given the admission packet to provide them with a quick overview of our programs, philosophy, mission / vision statements, application forms/ documents requirements, and tuition information.  The applicant will be scheduled for an in-house evaluation.

Preschool at St. Mary's School

- Bilingual Preschool -

Admissions Procedure

  1. Interview with Director
  2. In-house evaluation for students applying to PK- 6th grade.
    No aplicable fee.
  3. Parents will be notified with the results of the evaluation within a maximum of 10 working days
  4. Enrollment of accepted students should be formalized within 10 working days at the latest.


- Enrollment may be formalized in the following way -

  1. Hand in the required documents for enrollment
  2. Make the corresponding payment

- Bilingual Preschool -

Enrollment Requirements


- Contact the Preschool Admissions Team -

Request an interview with the Director

Complete the form with the following information:
1. Name of representative
2. Email of the representative
3. Mobile phone
4. Indicate the name of the student in the message field
5. Select the preschool level to study
6. Upload the required documentation to a cloud storage service and share a unique link of the folder with the documentation.

You will receive a response within a maximum period of 10 business days.

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