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June 19th to July 21st, 2023

Kids Leads Summer Camp 2023

Activities to unleash our creativity, fun, and leadership. 1 to 8 years old.

Kids Leads Summer Camp 2023

- For children aged 1 to 8 -

Unleash Your Child's Adventure: Kids Lead Summer Camp 2023

Welcome to Kids Leads Summer Camp 2023 for children aged 1 to 8! This summer camp offers five themed weeks of fun for the little ones. During the first week, participants will explore outer space, build a spaceship, and have alien adventures. The second week is filled with sports and games, including a treasure hunt and synergy games. The third week is dinosaur themed, with activities like fossil hunting and dinosaur design. The fourth week is all about water, with water game Olympics and a water slide. Finally, the fifth week is dedicated to creative mess-making, including sensory painting and slime-making. Sign up today for an exciting and adventurous summer camp experience for the little ones!

- Week One-

1. Outer space week

Welcome to the Outer Space Week at Kids Leads Summer Camp 2023! This week is filled with activities that will excite and inspire all space explorers. First, participants will get to build their very own rocket ship and prepare for takeoff! Next, they will undergo astronaut training to learn what it takes to survive in space. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Participants will also embark on alien adventures and encounter extraterrestrial life. And, to top it all off, they will end the week with a party that is truly out of this world! Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the depths of space with us. Sign up now for Kids Leads Summer Camp 2023!

1. Outer Space Week

- Summer Camp Activities -

Activities to enhance our creativity, fun and leadership

Fun Cooking


Outdoor Games

Musical and Sensory Stimulation


Theatrical Games




2. Sports and Games Week

- Week Two -

2. Sports and games week

Looking for a week filled with sports and games? Look no further! Our Sports and Games Week has something for everyone. Get ready for some friendly competition with our Field Day Games and Party Games. Bring your favorite video games to life with our Life Sized Video Games activity. Work together with your teammates to solve clues and complete challenges in our Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. And finally, our Synergy Games will test your teamwork and communication skills. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just looking for some fun, our Sports and Games Week is the perfect choice for you! Join us and get ready to play!

- Week Three -

3. Dinosaur week

Attention all young explorers! Are you ready for an adventure back in time? Join us for Dinosaur Week and let’s travel millions of years ago to learn about these magnificent creatures. During this week, we will have plenty of activities to make your experience unforgettable. We will create our own fossils, witness a meteor shower, design our own dinosaurs, go on a thrilling dinosaur hunt, and end the week with a Dino Style Party. Don’t miss the chance to become a paleontologist for a week and discover everything about these ancient animals. Register now and let the adventure begin!

3. Dinosaur Week

- Summer Camp Tshirt -

A T-shirt from the camp is included

The included shirt is mandatory. An additional T-shirt has a cost of RD$400.00

4. Get wet week

- Week Four -

4. Get wet week

In week 4 of the camp, the fun turns watery. It’s «Get Wet» week, where you can enjoy exciting activities that will refresh you on hot days. Can you imagine throwing water balloons, painting with water, or sliding down a water slide? You can do all that and more this week! You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in the «Water Games Olympics,» where you’ll demonstrate your skills in fun competitions. So don’t miss the chance to enjoy a refreshing week at camp.

- Week Five -

5. Make a mess week

Get ready for a unique sensory experience during «Make a Mess» week. You’ll be able to experiment with different textures and colors in activities like sensory painting and body painting. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to make different types of slime and play with ooblek, a fun and gooey substance. This week is perfect for those who like to get messy and experiment with new textures and materials! And to top it all off, the week concludes with a farewell party, where you can hang out with your new friends and reminisce on the fun moments from camp. Don’t miss the chance to make a mess at camp!

5. Make a mess week

- Schedule -

Schedule of the Kids Lead Summer Camp 2023

- Cost -

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The Exciting and Creative Summer Experience: Kids Lead Summer Camp 2023

Don’t miss the opportunity to have an unforgettable summer at Kids Lead Summer Camp 2023! If you’re looking for a fun and educational experience, this camp is perfect for you. For five weeks, you’ll have the chance to enjoy exciting and creative activities in a safe and fun environment. From «Adventure Time» week to «Make a Mess» week, each week is designed for you to learn and have fun at the same time. We also offer payment options and special discounts for St. Mary’s School students. Register now and experience the summer of your dreams at Kids Lead Summer Camp 2023!

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