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Welcome to St. Mary's School

First Leader in Me school in the Dominican Republic

A bilingual (English-Spanish) preschool, elementary, and high school in Santo Domingo


St. Mary’s School provides an outstanding bilingual preschool program that focuses on the development of the whole child: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual. Our curriculum is designed to help each child develop a positive self-esteem and to establish a foundation of learning.

Elementary School

Our bilingual elementary school program provides leaders with a supportive learning environment and dynamic educational experiences that enable them to achieve academic success, gain knowledge in core subject areas, and develop personal responsibility and integrity.

Elementary School

Our high school program goes beyond academic excellence. We are committed to developing well-rounded individuals who possess leadership skills, embrace their potential, and uphold strong values. Courses including sciences, mathematics, humanities, arts, and languages.

- Our bilingual school community -

Welcome to St. Mary's School

We are very glad you are interested in finding out more about our bilingual school community. St. Mary’s School is a community that is born out of the fundamental need of two mothers seeking to provide their children with the tools and skills needed to succeed in their lives.

St. Mary’s School seeks to empower leaders so they may become models of excellence and happiness by inspiring them with love, creativity, and passion. We are a community of leading pioneers in educating proactive, responsible, and happy leaders while inspiring greatness one child at a time. We are proud to be the first bilingual school to become part of the Leader in Me process in the Dominican Republic. St. Mary’s School has been certified as a Lighthouse School since 2018, the first one in the region.

We open our doors to students with different educational needs making us an inclusive bilingual school community.  This way, we provide our students with an understanding and knowledge of empathy, acceptance, and collaborative learning. We believe that through these peer relationships children can truly learn to relate to each other by listening with their eyes, ears, but above all with their hearts.

- For children aged 1 to 8 -

Unleash Your Child's Adventure: Kids Lead Summer Camp 2023

Welcome to Kids Leads Summer Camp 2023 for children aged 1 to 8! This summer camp offers five themed weeks of fun for the little ones. During the first week, participants will explore outer space, build a spaceship, and have alien adventures. The second week is filled with sports and games, including a treasure hunt and synergy games. The third week is dinosaur themed, with activities like fossil hunting and dinosaur design. The fourth week is all about water, with water game Olympics and a water slide. Finally, the fifth week is dedicated to creative mess-making, including sensory painting and slime-making. Sign up today for an exciting and adventurous summer camp experience for the little ones!

Kids Leads Summer Camp 2023
Class Rooms

Bilingual Preschool levels in St. Mary's School

- One to Five years old -

To enhance our Bilingual Preschool Curriculum we integrate different programs such as Visual Arts, Creative Movement, Physical Education, stimulation through Music, Karate and Dramatic Play.  We also endow our children with the opportunity to play in our preschool gym, use technology in the classroom, a covered spacious eating area, and outdoor games in a lively play area.

Preschool Corralito level

Corralito & Nido

8:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m.

Our one and two year olds are exposed to a rich learning environment loaded with significant experiences that will strengthen the Spanish language (native language) and develop essential abilities and skills.

Nursery level


8:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m.

Our three year olds are introduced to the English language.  Through basic commands and vocabulary our leaders begin to build an English foundation. Children develop important skills that support success through quality play activities offered by the program

Preeschool kindergarten level

Pre-kinder & Kindergarten

8:00 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

Our four and five year olds are completely immersed in the English language.  They begin to acquire skills for reading and writing. Though our program is very academically oriented, the class atmosphere is relaxed and free of preassure. 

- Education with Home Values -

A meaningful learning experience

Through our home values, we create an atmosphere of respect and understanding between parents and teachers, rooted in the belief that we must synergize to achieve a meaningful learning experience.

We receive our leaders in a family environment built on trust, happiness and friendship that allows them to take ownership of their learning process, where thinking win-win, seeking first to understand and then to be understood mark the backbone in which They build lasting relationships with their peers.

St. Mary's School student
Elementary School in St. Mary's School

- First to Sixth Graders -

Bilingual Elementary School levels

Our First to Sixth Graders are exposed to a rich learning environment that provides not only the academic challenge but also develop essential skills and abilities to succeed in the 21st century. We also provide our children with the opportunity to use technology in the classroom, a covered spacious eating area, and outdoor games in a lively play area.

To enhance our Bilingual Elementary School Curriculum we integrate different programs such as:

- Ninth to Twelfth Graders -

Bilingual High School levels

The academic component of the program follows international standards, offering a rigorous and diverse curriculum that prepares students for success in higher education and beyond. Courses cover a wide range of subjects, including sciences, mathematics, humanities, arts, and languages.

To enhance our Bilingual High School Curriculum we integrate different programs such as:


- We nurture leaders -

St. Mary's School core values

People are inherently capable, aspire to greatness, and have the power to choose. Principles are timeless and universal, and are the foundation for lasting effectiveness.

our values
LeaderinMe Lighthouse

- Empowerment Culture -

First Leader in Me school in the Dominican Republic

The Leader in Me is an innovative, school wide process that emphasizes a culture of student empowerment and helps unleash each child’s full potential. Applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, teachers and students internalize timeless leadership principles that nurture the skills students need for success in the 21st century.

The process helps to create a culture of student empowerment based on the paradigm that every child can be a leader.  This process is implemented in more than 3,915 schools, being St. Mary’s the first The Leader in Me and Lighthouse School in the Dominican Republic.

Our School not only focuses on the academics, but also provides opportunities for students to develop their full potential. Every day, all of our students are told that they are important, that their voice matters, and that they are capable and talented.  St. Mary’s is a place where students are given opportunities to use their strengths and talents.

- St. Mary's School vision -

We are a community of model leaders

We are a community of model leaders, pioneers in the education of proactive, responsible, happy leaders while inspiring greatness one child at a time.

Family Invilvement
Staff Satisfaction
School Climaterio
Goal Focus and Archievement
St. Mary's School
St. Mary's School Parents

- Admission Policy, Procedures and Entry Requirements -

Admission Process at St. Mary's School

Dear Parents, welcome! Thank you for your interest in our institution for the education of your children. The following are the admissions procedures and requirements necessary to complete the admissions process at St. Mary’s School.

When inquiring about admissions at St. Mary’s School, families schedule an appointment with our Director and are given the admission packet to provide an overview of the institution, application form, required documentation, tuition information. The applicant will be scheduled for an internal evaluation.

- Our Community -

St. Mary's Teachers, Parents and Leaders

St. Mary's Teacher

St. Mary's Teachers

St. Mary’s School teachers play a vital role in our children’s development. What children learn and experience during their school years can shape their views of themselves and the world, and directly affect later success in their school, work, and personal lives. Our teachers support children’s academic growth and in many ways help them develop values they will have for a lifetime. 

Our teachers’ experience and commitment towards the achievement of the highest educational standards, together with their love for teaching, makes them our most valuable resource.

Our teaching staff holds a bachelor degree in education and/or psychology and most hold masters or are in the process of completing their masters degree in education or related field. Our teachers have many years of classroom experience and are prepared to implement strategies from different educational methodologies.

St. Mary's School Parents

St. Mary's Parents

We believe that family involvement is essential in the development and learning of the children. After all, parents are the first teachers of their children. Throughout the school year families have many opportunities to be actively involved in their child’s school experience. Through our school’s communication app we keep families well-informed of classroom activities, themes, events, and all of wonderful adventures that take place in our school. By working hand in hand, we can assure that each child’s needs are being met, and that the home-school connection remains strong.

They are 100% committed to the education of their children.
Believe that their child’s education is not only based on academics, but that they need to acquire a set of skills and abilities to succeed in the 21st century.

Parents have diverse opportunities throughout the school year to participate and get involved in their child’s school experience.

- Out students -

St. Mary's Leaders

Our leaders are the heart of our school.  In St. Mary’s School our students have an active voice.  They are free to make suggestions and put together plans to help make our school a better place.  This allows them to feel part of the school, making this not only the place they come to to learn, but also their second home.

Our leaders take charge of themselves, their actions, and their academic performance.  They plan out goals, carry out action plans, and hold themselves accountable for their own performance. 

Our leaders are visionaries of their future capable of communicating their thoughts, feelings, and plans in an effective way.

St. Mary's Leaders

- Our Gallery -

Moment From Class

- Our Testimonials -

What The Parents Say

I love St. Mary's School, especially the after-school programs, because they have helped my daughter develop her potential as a leader."
- Christine Fuenmayor -
"When I was looking for schools for my children, I found good options, but definitely the level of excellence of St. Mary's School makes it the best in Santo Domingo."
- John Duarte -

- Join to St. Mary's School Team -

We take our time to choose our staff

We provide quality education centered on a wide spectrum of co-curricular activities. Our teaching staff is professional, dedicated, loyal, committed, leaders of their lives, and devoted to their craft.

«A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.»

John C. Maxwell
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