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           We are very glad you are interested in finding out more about our school community. St. Mary’s School is a community that is born out of the fundamental need of two mothers seeking to provide their children with the tools and skills needed to succeed in their lives. 

           St. Mary's School seeks to empower leaders so they may become models of excellence and happiness by inspiring them with love, creativity, and passion. We are a community of leading pioneers in educating proactive, responsible, and happy leaders while inspiring greatness one child at a time. We are proud to be the first school to become part of the The Leader in Me process in the Dominican Republic.

          Through our home values, we create an atmosphere of respect and understanding between parents and teachers rooted on the belief that we must synergize to achieve a meaningful learning experience.  We receive our leaders in a family environment built on trust, happiness, and friendship which allows them to take ownership of their learning process where thinking win-win and seeking first to understand then to be understood mark the backbone in which they make lasting peer relationships.  We ensure they meet important academic and personal goals in their personal lives by prompting them to be proactive leaders who seek to put first things first and are able to come up with a plan that ensures they feel proud and able to meet the expectations of a very demanding curriculum which is always in the process of evolution and innovation.              

          We open our doors to students with different educational needs making us an inclusive school community.  This way, we provide our students with an understanding and knowledge of empathy, acceptance, and collaborative learning. We believe that through these peer relationships children can truly learn to relate to each other by listening with their eyes, ears, but above all with their hearts. 

          We have families who are 100% committed and involved with their children's education; interested in providing their children with a quality education in an environment that is customized in the hands of professionals who are passionate and dedicated to their work.


Would you like to give your leader the opportunity to awaken the greatness that lies within him?    


Joanna Lara                                              Marianelly De Arriba


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

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