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Dear Parents, welcome!


Thank you for your interest in our institution for the education of your children. The following are the admissions procedures and requirements necessary to complete the admissions process at St. Mary’s School



Upon inquiring about admissions to St. Mary’s School, families are scheduled for an appointment with our Director and given the admission packet to provide them with a quick overview of our programs, philosophy, mission / vision statements, application forms/ documents requirements, and tuition information.  The applicant will be scheduled for an in-house evaluation. 


Admissions Procedure:


  1. Interview with Director
  2. In-house evaluation for students applying to PK- 6th grade. Evaluation fee RD$1000.00.
  3. Parents will be notified with the results of the evaluation within a maximum of 10 working days.
  4. Enrollment of accepted students should be formalized within 10 working days at the latest.ST. MARY’S WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PLACEMENT AVAILABILITY BEYOND THE ABOVE TIME PERIOD.


Enrollment may be formalized in the following way:


  1. Hand in the required documents for enrollment.
  2. Make the corresponding payment.


Enrollment Requirements:








 * Documents submitted to the school will not be returned.


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